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4 Pronged Internet Safety Model Supporting PAPA Legislation

The relationship between parents and their children is key to their children's safety. That said, there still remains a "digital divide" where kids know more technologically than their parents. Unfortunately, with kids being "kids", they will test their limits. If tested in this environment, those choices can have harmful and sometimes fatal consequences. To date, with nearly 600,00 convicted sex offenders, there remains no social responsibility with regard to ISP's and website owners as to excluding certain individuals from accessing their services. The PAPA legislation expands existing legislation to the Internet, mandating that convicted sex offenders cannot be in areas where minor children congregate. PAPA provides effective and needed legislation to keep youth safe from convicted sex offenders and the PAPA campaign model will provide parent and youth education/outreach and communication.

4-pronged model:

  1. PAPA introduced by Members of Congress/Passed as federal legislation. During this process,
  2. 2) Launch Community Action Campaign Committees (CACC) to support PAPA/Internet safety in their community through media and events. In the process, CACC's become fluent/spread information about safe and responsible Internet use. Additionally, CACC's reach out to youth by helping to launch a Youth Action Campaign Committee (YACC) in support of PAPA and Internet safety.
    • a) CACC's launch 1 additional CACC and 1 Youth Action Campaign Committee.
      1) Generating communication with youth (high school/college) and creating a partnership in support and outreach of Internet safety information.
    • b) Use the media to create a "buzz" about PAPA/supports legislators which also provides an opportunity for internet safety education and outreach.
  3. Launch Youth Action Campaign Committees (YACC), comprised of teens/college students, thus generating communication with adults and creating a partnership in support of PAPA, legislators, and educational outreach of safe and responsible Internet use.
    • a) YACC's must also help launch 1 or more YACC's (high school/college students)
    • b) Media in high school/college newspaper.
  4. All of this sends a clear message to sexual predators that their cyber-playground is closed, America is "watching", and the penalties will be severe!

Here are the PAPA leg draft, and the campaign letter -- which explains the points of PAPA and makes the argument as to "why" PAPA" is needed now.